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The memorial plaque accessory is a noteworthy way to assure your loved-one's character is commemorated for years to come. Memorial plaques take a assortment of forms. Perhaps most commonly, memorial plaques are assigned to granite and marble headstones and show the dates a person was born and died. These memorial plaquesalso customarily include stunning designs that can call attention, in the form of pictures; the one of a kind personality of a loved-one. Many shapes and sizes can be used for plagues as well as bespoke pieces that may be requested by the customer..


Memorial plaques also come in yet another form that one may not always consider being a long

established trend for memorial plaques. Tallaght Stone Center or Fingal Memorials both based in Dublin can help you and your family turn favorite portraits of loved-ones into ceramic pictures that can be attached to the plaque of your choice regardless of the design being used – or a number of other memorial products – and serve as beautiful, lasting memorial plaques that will keep your best loved family memories alive to cherish for generation.

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Plaques variety includes:


Standard plaques.
Shamrock plaque.
Football club badge.
Paradise paradiso.
Boxing gloves.
A Pint of the black stuff.
Granite light house.
Rose archway plaque.
Bulmers pint.
Engraved bouquet.
Football plaque.
Book of roses.
Sculpted scroll plaque.
Watchful lighthouse.
Sculpted car.

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