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Vases / Urns


The vase accessory is without question one of the most popular and commercial additions to memorials today, be they traditionally or contemporary in design. This variety of embellishment has the unique distinction of being a very familiar item in our every day life as it is often seen as a beautiful and sometimes sought after ornament praised for it's antique collectibility and fashionable status.


But it can also grace the memorial of the deceased with tasteful ease and elegance. The materials that are used in these exquisite accessories are of the same high quality marbles and granites that are found in the finest memorials crafted by Tallaght Stone Centre located in Dublin, Ireland.


Bronze vases have sophisticated and exacting details that can display generous textures carved onto unique shapes which are limited only by the sculptors imagination. The effect of oxidizing the bronze makes for a beautiful tint of vibrant turquoise and burnishing can result in warm dark hues, luxurious and rich. All these pieces tell a story in their own way of the craftsmanship and endeavor that is seen and appreciated by the customer.

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Vase Models includes:


Large midnight vessel.
Drapery vase.
Paradiso flattop urn.
Claudia vase.
Football vase.
Flower of loto vase.
Kerala standard urn.
Grace gold vase.
Granite flattop urn.
Sun burst vase.
Sloping vase.
Olympic vase.
Aurora standard urn.
Sat burst vase.
Midnight heart vessel.

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