The cross is the most common symbol is many religions and faithes. The sign of the cross symbolically reaffirms for Catholics two indispensable Christian principles: The Holy Trinity — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — and humankind’s salvation through the cross of Christ. It is and accessory that for many people strengthens the environment and mood for the chosen memorial for the deceased place of eternal rest. Executed to exceptional standards of craftsmanship from quality slivers, golds and bronzes and with many creative touches and colour tints added as finishing touches.

Our temporary memorial markers offers you and your family a long lasting, distinguished solution to the typical temporary cemetery marker. Aaccessories4graves markers are designed to serve as an attractive, temporary grave marker while the permanent marble or granite headstone is being designed or sculpted. Once the cemetery marker is in place, the temporary marker can become an enduring souvenir for one’s own personal gardenspace. Most of our temporary grave markers and memorial plaques can be personalised and many include FREE delivery within the republic of Ireland.

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