book accessories

Book accessories.

Commemorative book accessories come in one of two varieties. Sculpted book plaques or flat book plaques. Both types are manufactured from an array of the finest quality coloured marbles and granites. Sculpted books have a three dimensional appearance with concave and convex carved areas to mimic the shape of a book with spine and pages. Flat book plaques are manufactured from a single piece of marble or granite usually rectangular in shape and have no embossed or recessed areas. The application of text is achieved through carving in relief or gold leaf lettering made from 22 1/2 carat authentic gold leaf which is a unique feature offered only by us

The creativity and flair that is present on the vaulted and hollow contours of these designs are the main attraction of this range of accessories. A selection of beautiful font styles and classic templates are available to accompany the appropriate shape of the book be it sculpted or flat. The idea of manufacturing book accessories for a memorial is not unusual as it is a recognisable and very important symbol in many religions.

Book accessories

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