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Our customer base know that when they contact us they are dealing with a company’s vocation that has spanned over a quarter of a century accessories4graves have enthralled the consumer marketplace with their visions of exquisitely crafted memorial embellishments both simple and sophisticated, stunningly designed contoured shapes and seductive granites, marbles, silvers and bronzes of the very finest quality expertly sourced within Ireland as well as overseas. Their ardent dedication to their profession is nowhere more evident than in our precision crafted vases, figurine’s, crosses, plaques and statues mat grace the peacefulness and somber surroundings of Gods acre.

A respectful and dignified tribute that will forever stand the test of time and be there to reflect and lament. The advances in modern technology have also played an important role in assisting the craftsman in many aspects of their profession. Whether the intended sculpture will be traditional or contemporary in it’s style, it is cutting edge computer aided design techniques that ensure the piece is as perfect as possible without loosing any of the heart of the sculpture. A reassuring thought for even the most skilled of master craftsman.


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