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Frame accessories.

Whatever the category of picture frame is being talked about, one factor ties them all together: the goal of frame accessories and picture is – always – to remember a loved one forever. Frame accessories can be elegantly decorative or have a simplistic modern appearance. There is a wide array of styles and sizes to choose from. Their purpose in the memorial environment is identical to their use in everyday life, which is to protect and surround the image of a loved one. Framed pictures are also commonly found moulded into bronze or marble plates featured on wall plaques or mounted onto grave markers or statues.

These memorial pictures tend to be simple head photos with little or no background because anything more complicated is very difficult to reproduce on bronze or marble. And, as with all the other types of memorial pictures, they will keep the deceased memory alive forever. (And, in fact, since bronze is the most durable of all substances in which memorial photos are produced, this is the type of memorial picture that will have the greatest chance of surviving the ages.)

Frame accessories

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